Think-About-It Thursday… Realizing Impacts

Hello, hello, hello and happy Thursday!

News Flash

Today we switched schedules with the 7th grade to accommodate our 8th Grade Explore testing this morning. As a result, we were not able to have class for 3rd nor 5th blocks. Luckily, the lesson that 1st and 4th blocks do today will be done by 3st and 5th tomorrow. First and 4th blocks will continue to research using the Chromebooks for their final “” submission.

The impact of lost instructional time due to mandatory assessments and activities this month is something I work to minimize in all ways possible. Having the website with all activities and information posted helps. That said, it is essential students & families utilize this tool to stay up to date. Remember, we’re making your learning our priority here in Mrs. Barton’s science class! 🙂

Regularly Scheduled Programming

Today and Friday we will be learning about the  3 types of plate boundaries focusing on

a) tectonic plate movement for each boundary

b) landforms that result from these boundaries

c) impacts on settlements/communities

To accomplish this, we’ve embarked on a few activities, check them out below!

a) Class prezi:

b) Page 31 – Class notes (below): photo 1 (9)

c) Plate Movement Along Boundaries (Dinah Zike Study Flips – PLEASE NOTE: a usable/scanned version will be posted later):

Plate Boundaries Foldable

d) NewsJack.In Challenge: NewsJack Challenge Document

I’m excited to see student’s results of this lesson!

Don’t forget to submit your NewsJack.In “headline”/”articles” in the form below! Remember, choose one catastrophic event (volcano eruption, earthquake, or tsunami) as your foundation and build your article from there!

Until then,

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