Tuesday “Terrific-ness”


Today we saw the Law of Conservation of Mass in action as we completed a basic (but fun!) lab with baking soda and vinegar. We used a plastic bag to create a “closed container” environment. It was great to have a visual and hands-on activity to observe something that is very abstract.

Here’s our class prezi for the day: http://prezi.com/om2-wtetj8o9/law-of-conservation-of-mass-in-action/

Students wrote the following synthesis question on page 26 of their notebooks:

How does the mass of the product compare tot he mass of the reactant after a chemical reaction has taken place in a closed container?

Here is our lab booklet (glued to page 27 in our notebook): Law of Conservation of Mass Lab

For the most part, students were on-point with this lab! Check it out below!

LCM Lab 1 LCM Lab 2 LCM Lab 3


It was a great activity to wrap up our chemistry unit. Tomorrow we’ll begin learning about Earth’s history and Earth’s processes!

Until then,

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