Friday, Friday, Friday!

TGIF Everyone! We made it through the week!

It was quite a busy and packed week with assessments and content. Today we covered the Law of Conservation of Mass and began learning to balance chemical equations.

Our class Prezi can be found here:

We began watching the BrainPop clip on the Law of Conservation of Mass.

Then we copied the definition for the Law of Conservation of Mass in our notebooks. Students were exposed to a completely balanced chemical equation (below) and worked with their shoulder buddy to make observations and inferences about how the equation was solved.

photo (7)

Next, students  made a foldable to examine the steps of balancing a chemical equation on page 23 of their notebooks. We walked through balancing a chemical equation, step by step, to understand the entire process. To practice, students were given a worksheet to tape to page 22 and they completed independently, with the aid of a shoulder buddy, or by visiting the Learning Support Station to check their answers.

*ANSWERS to the questions 8 – 10 (balancing chemical equations – solved) can be found below:

Worksheet Answer Key Questions 8 - 10.

Finally, students received their Flashcard Friday List #6. These 5 flashcards are due on Monday, October 7!

Here is an overview of our notebook spread for the day:

Page 23 Information


Need resources? Check them out below:

Balancing Chemical Equations Foldable (Page 23)

13-14 Balancing Equations Practice p 22

Flashcard Friday List #6 (Due Monday 10/7)


Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Friday, Friday, Friday!

  1. Venita Buffington says:

    I am VERY impressed by your page!!!! I’ve been teaching science for 9 years now and I have never seen such complicated concepts broken down to this degree! Awesome job. I would love to collaborate throughout the school year if possible.


    • Thanks for your kind words! I’d be happy to collaborate throughout the year! Does your curriculum overlap with some topics from 8th grade essential standards for North Carolina?


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