Writing (Review) Wednesday: CFA #1 Prep!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I cannot believe we have already made it through the middle of the week!

As always, our class prezi can be found here: http://prezi.com/aqlac1rweaki/writing-reviewing-wednesday-cfa-1-prep/

Today was an awesome day. I was in awe with the manner in which students completed their review today. It was a total collaborative learning setting. Here’s more about what we did:

Tomorrow we have CFA #1. It is a Common Formative Assessment covering information that we have learned since August 26. In order to adequately prepare for our CFA, we completed 8 stations.

Station 1: Atoms and Elements

Station 2: Compounds and Mixtures

Station 3: The Periodic Table 

Station 4: Physical Properties & Physical Changes

Station 5: Chemical Properties & Chemical Changes

Station 6: Synthesizing Properties & Changes

Station 7: Law of Conservation of Mass

Station 8: Balancing Chemical Equations

Students were given a booklet-style study guide to take around to each station that was a replica of each table station.  There were 2 folders at each station, one folder with “Station # ___ Q” and another folder with “Station # ____ A”.  Students began at 1 station and opened the Q folder. They filled in their responses to each question in their booklets. After 5 minutes, they transitioned to the next station. There, they opened the folder with an A on it so they could check the answers from the previous station. When they finished, they opened the Q folder and began working on that set of questions for that station.

Check out these stellar students!

Stellar Students in Action!

I tell you, these are some BRIGHT students! Their transitions were smooth, they cooperated well with each other, they worked diligently! It was A.W.E.S.O.M.E. All students were reminded to study, study, study for their CFA so they’re ready to show me how brilliant they truly are.

Need some resources?

Here are the stations WITHOUT answers (great for review):CFA #1 Review

Here are the stations WITH answers (great for guided study): CFA #1 Review KEY

Have a great afternoon!

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