A Slightly Modified Monday

Hello everyone!

First and foremost a few announcements:

1) WELCOME to all the new students joining our class

2) Shoutout to Ms. Hill-Norman for being an out-of-this-world support and in-class teacher’s aid!

Today we had a slightly modified day. Instead of doing strictly vocabulary-based information, we added in a component where we began differentiating between content for this week (chemical properties & changes) and content from last week (physical properties & changes). This will allow us to better see the “big picture“.

Our class prezi can be found here: http://prezi.com/impyyh4ezs7u/chemical-properties-chemical-changes/

Today we completed notes on chemical properties & chemical changes. The notes can be found here: Chemical Properties & Changes Notes

A visual of the completed notes is below:Chemical properties & changes notes visual

Afterwards, we read an in-depth booklet and completed critical thinking review questions about chemical properties & chemical changes.

That reading can be found here (NOTE, this is meant to be folded and read as a booklet, so pay attention to the pages below) : Chemical Properties & Changes Booklet

The corresponding questions can be found here: Chemical Properties & Changes Review Questions

Don’t forget! Our homework assignment is DUE TUESDAY 10/1! It can be found here: Ways Matter Can Change Worksheet (it is 2/page)

Tomorrow we will continue practicing with properties & changes of matter. Wednesday we will do a HUGE review for our CFA #1 (Common Formative Assessment) on 8.P.1 (all about matter).

Our CFA#1 will be on Thursday 10/3! Study, study study!

Have a wonderful evening!

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