Magic Words Monday: Physical Properties & Changes

Hello and happy Monday everyone!

Here’s our anticipated schedule for this week (hooray for NO school-wide testing — that means I’ll see each of my classes every day!).

Monday: Magic Words Monday – Vocabulary foldable and vocabulary-based practice worksheet

Tuesday: Text Tuesday – Dissect a Common Core reading text and answer corresponding questions.

Wednesday: Writing Wednesday – Write an expository composition about physical properties & changes through a “write-around”.

Thursday: Think About It Thursday – Hands on lab where students will rotate to stations observing/demonstrating properties/changes

Friday: Fact Friday – Review, take quiz 1.5 on physical properties & changes, record scores in data tracker

Today we’ve hit the ground running with learning all about physical properties and physical changes.

Our class Prezi link can be found here:

First, students constructed their foldables and glued them to page 15 on their notebooks. That foldable can be found here Physical Properties & Changes Foldable. (NOTE: the foldable is formatted for 2/page in order to fit the proper size of our notebooks.) We used the Prezi to gather definitions and examples for each of our vocabulary terms (teacher input).

Next, students were given a vocabulary-based practice worksheet to further reinforce their new knowledge! That worksheet can be found here: Physical Properties & Changes Worksheet Double (again, double 2/page to fit nicely into our notebooks). This was taped in to page 14 of our notebooks (student output!)

Finally, students answered our critical thinking question for the day on page 14 of their notebooks. The question is:

“How are properties different from changes?”

Here’s our spread for today:

Interactive Notebook Spread pgs 14-15


1) Analyze 5 objects from your home. Identify at least 2 physical properties for each (total of 10 physical properties).

2) Describe how a solid ice cube turns into a liquid, and then into water vapor.

This assignment is due WEDNESDAY 9/25!

The last thing I want to share (I know, these posts typically aren’t this long!) is about some things I witnessed last week. I realized that the ONE THING all these acts revolved around is integrity. The importance of integrity is something that often goes unnoticed, however always follows closely to a person’s character.


Let’s have a GREAT week!

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