Text Tuesday: The Periodic Table and Elements

Hello hello! It is a terrific Tuesday here in Mrs. Barton’s science class!

Today students are working on a Common Core text entitled “The Periodic Table and Elements”. They read the text with their partner(s) “collaboration style” and then answered the corresponding questions. The CC reading can be found here: Periodic Table and the Elements CC Reading .

When finished with the reading, students began working on the “Who Am I?” element identification worksheet. They synthesized a lot of information they have been learning over the past week to correctly identify each element. That worksheet can be found here: Who Am I – Element Worksheet Using the Periodic Table . Use the  PTE below to answer these questions (NOTE: the COLOR of each group indicates the family, as well as type (metals, nonmetals). You’ll need to reference your foldable on page 12 for the metalloids.)

Periodic Table

A cool interactive of this PT can be found at http://www.ptable.com/ !

This week we are doing school-wide MAP testing. Today is testing day for our team so 4th and 5 block students will not have class. That said, it is imperative that students log on here to gather the documents and complete them at home or during homeroom.

Please reach out if you have any questions 🙂

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