Magic Words Monday: Getting to Know the Periodic Table of Elements

Hello there!

I hope everyone had a restful weekend and feels ready to tackle this week! Last week students were introduced to aspects of the Periodic Table of Elements (PTE) by looking at element squares. Students were able to determine several important pieces of information including:

1) Atomic Number

2) Atomic Mass

3) Element symbol

4) Element name

Today we dug a little deeper and learned more about the PTE. Our class Prezi can be found here:

We first set up our “Getting to Know the Periodic Table of Elements” foldable (found here Periodic Table Vocabulary Foldable & Comprehension Ticket) and glued it to page 13. We differentiated between groups and periods, reactive vs. nonreactive element characteristics, and finally identified the locations of metals, nonmetals and metalloids on the PTE.

Next, we practiced reading a PTE and gathered information about different elements (worksheet found here Periodic Table of Elements Neutron Calculations ) using the PTE pictured below as a guide:Periodic Table of Elements & Information

Finally, we wrapped up by completing this synthesis question: How is the PTE organized? (Comprehension ticket is above with the foldable document – glued to page 12) 

Here’s what our Interactive Notebook spread looks like: Notebook Spread Pages 12-13

Have a great Monday!

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