Fact Friday: Deuces Wild Review & Quiz 1.3

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend has arrived!

Today we reviewed all the facts from this week through our warmup, and practiced even MORE as we completed a PEAK Deuces Wild review game (worksheet can be found here Deuces Wild Review ). Students then took Quiz 1.3 (found here Quiz 1.3 – Mixtures and Element Squares) and recorded their results in their data tracker in the back of their notebooks.

The link to today’s Prezi can be found here: http://prezi.com/dp4weyj-muto/fact-friday/

The final activity of the day was beginning our Flashcard Friday List # 3 (found here Flashcard Friday List # 3). For the past 3 weeks I have given students flashcards as well as a binder ring to store them. Today is the last friday I will provide flashcards for students – they will be expected to have their own going forward.

I was quite impressed with the results and improvement in performance that I’ve seen from students this past week. It shows me how hard they are working and what a great job they’re doing to learn and master the material! KEEP IT UP!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

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