Think-About-It-Thursday: Separating Mixtures Lab

Hello and happy Thursday!

It was quite a packed day as my spectacular students completed their FIRST lab of the year! Congratulations to them for completing that task!

I would say our lab was quite successful today. Students completed 5 of 6 stations (one station – filtration – was done as a demo at the front of the room).

Here’s a list of the stations we completed:

Station 1: Magnetic Separation

Station 2: Density 

Station 3: Mechanical Separation

Station 4: Sifting

Station 5: Filtration (Demo by Mrs. Barton)

Station 6: Chromatography

We began the day by making a foldable lab booklet to complete as students rotated to each station. That piece can be found here: Mixtures Lab – Foldable & Synthesis Slips

Next they glued in their pre-lab questions (completed yesterday in-class/homework) on page 11. That worksheet can be found here:Mixtures and Separation Pre-Lab Questions

Finally they glued in lab synthesis questions and completed those after the lab was complete. That document can be found above with the Mixtures Lab Foldable & Synthesis Slips document.

Our Interactive Notebook spread for today should look like this:

Interactive Notebook Spread

Here are a few pictures of my students’ separating skills!

Separating Mixtures Pics

Don’t forget! Tomorrow we will take Quiz 1.3 on heterogeneous mixtures and parts of an element square. ALSO – if you haven’t yet taken Quiz 1.2 Form B, that must be completed by Monday 9/23.

See you tomorrow!

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