Magic-Words Monday

Another Monday is in the books, folks! Here’s the rundown of what we did in class:

1) Watched BrainPop clip on compounds vs. mixtures to review material from last week at set up for this week.

2) Constructed a foldable (see document here:  )for our vocabulary terms

i. Heterogeneous mixture

ii. Homogeneous mixture

iii. Molecule

iv. Atomic mass

v. Atomic number

Images for the foldable can be seen below (remember to GLUE on page 9!): 

Chemistry Vocab #2 Foldable

3) Completed vocabulary-based practice worksheet – tape on pg 8 (can be found here: Vocabulary Set 2 Worksheet Practice – Pg 8. )

NOTE: Remember, if you did not score 80% or above on Quiz 1.2, you will need to take Quiz 1.2-B! Take this quiz when you feel you’ve studied enough and feel confident in the material.

Need extra practice? Study your flashcards, review pages 2-7 of your notebook, or come see me for a worksheet!

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