Friday Roundup

Hello hello hello and happy weekend to you all!

Today was a productive day in our class! Here’s the rundown of what we did:

1) Review for Quiz 1.2 on atoms, elements, compounds and mixtures:

Popcorn-Style Quizzing: partner 1 asked partner 2 a question, partner 2 answered and then asked partner 1 a question and so on.

“Walk-Around” review: students had 60 seconds to write everything they could about protons, neutrons, electrons, atoms, elements, compounds and mixtures.

Whole Class review: I reviewed all content so far, beginning with the basic unit of matter (atoms) and building up to mixtures.

2) Quiz 1.2:

Students took Quiz 1.2, graded their own quizzes in class, and recorded their score on their data tracker in the back of the Interactive Notebook.

NOTE: students were informed that if they did not show mastery by scoring 80% or above on their quiz, they MUST take Quiz 2.1 – B when they feel they have studied enough to better understand the content. This score will replace their lower score.  Form B will be posted in a separate post for viewing.

3) Flashcard Friday List #2 (list can be found here: Flashcard Friday List # 2)

I have given each student a binder ring clip for their flashcards. Today students:

a) hole-punched the corner of their flashcards from last week,

b) received a set of 5 flashcards for this week as well as their flashcard list for this week,

c) looped all flashcards together on their binder ring clip.

NOTE: This flashcard list is due MONDAY 9/9/13.

Lastly, here’s a good motto I came across and it totally relates to our unit!

Think Like a Proton

Have a nice weekend!

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