Think-About-It Thursday Lab Activity

If you were absent today, you missed a LAB that we completed on the laptops in class! Fortunately, you can complete this lab on your own time and hand it in when you return to school! All you need is your existing DiscoveryEducation login (it should be the same from last year. Username: studentidnumber_cms / Password: studentidnumber. For example: username: 123456789_cms and password: 123456789 ). If for some reason you cannot complete the lab at home, PLEASE get permission from your homeroom teacher and use that time to complete the lab on the computer. Strive for success!

The link to our lab can be found here:

Our lab document can be found here:

Single (BIG): Discovery Techbook Atomic Structure Lab PDF

Double (Interactive Notebook size): Discovery Techbook Atomic Structure Lab Double

When complete, please tape on page #7.

On page # 6, students completed the following worksheet:

You should read the description and the cut out/paste the corresponding square that fits that description.

Please email me if you have any questions!

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