A Wednesday WOW

Hey hey! Okay everyone, I know I have posted twice already for Wednesday, but I need  to share this piece. Like seriously. Everyday at school I am encouraged, surprised, enlightened, or inspired by this group of students I have (and we’ve only been in school for about 1.5 weeks!). I think I may just have the best bunch of students on the block.

With this piece, I told my students that these are’t simply “blah blah blah” rules (things you HAVE to follow/do or else!), nor are they expectations without any clear path to achieve them (i.e. meet-these-expectations-because-they-make-us-look-good/they-sound-good-on-paper-but-really-have-no -meaning). They are real habits to drive towards success in my class and far beyond. My favorite part of this is their signatures. They are visibly holding themselves accountable, they’re included in the culture of success, they MATTER!


For the most part, my kids are meeting every one of these expectations. They’re prepared (can you believe it?!), accountable (hellooo… homework, make up work, etc.!) they’re learning, setting goals, asking for help, and above all, the respect is evident in their behaviors.

Y’all better watch out for the Class of 2018 – They’re doing BIG things


Mrs. Barton Signature


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