Text Tuesday & Intro to Chemistry

Hi there! In class today we hit the ground running to tackle our first content-based unit:

Chemistry – The Matter Around Us

Students completed the following activities:

1) Chemistry Vocabulary #1 Foldable – learning term, writing student friendly definition, drawing quick doodle/picture to go with the term. Glued on page 3 of Interactive Notebook.  (see pictures below)

photo 3 (4)         photo 1 (9)    photo 2 (9)

2) Atoms Common Core (CC) Reading – read text about the atom and answered corresponding questions on page 2 of their Interactive Notebook.

You can find the ATOMS CC Reading here (thanks Ms. Story!):  ATOMS CC Reading Double

*Remember, to print large select pages 1 and 3, to print smaller IN (Interactive Notebook) size print “2 sheets per page”

DONT FORGET: Reference the post below entitled

“Tuesday Enrichment Choices”

to select which option you want to do for your homework.

The assignment is DUE THURSDAY 9/5/13.

Tomorrow we’ll look more closely at the relationships between protons, neutrons, electrons, atoms, elements, compounds, and mixtures!

See you soon,

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