A Slightly Modified Monday

Hello everyone!

First and foremost a few announcements:

1) WELCOME to all the new students joining our class

2) Shoutout to Ms. Hill-Norman for being an out-of-this-world support and in-class teacher’s aid!

Today we had a slightly modified day. Instead of doing strictly vocabulary-based information, we added in a component where we began differentiating between content for this week (chemical properties & changes) and content from last week (physical properties & changes). This will allow us to better see the “big picture“.

Our class prezi can be found here: http://prezi.com/impyyh4ezs7u/chemical-properties-chemical-changes/

Today we completed notes on chemical properties & chemical changes. The notes can be found here: Chemical Properties & Changes Notes

A visual of the completed notes is below:Chemical properties & changes notes visual

Afterwards, we read an in-depth booklet and completed critical thinking review questions about chemical properties & chemical changes.

That reading can be found here (NOTE, this is meant to be folded and read as a booklet, so pay attention to the pages below) : Chemical Properties & Changes Booklet

The corresponding questions can be found here: Chemical Properties & Changes Review Questions

Don’t forget! Our homework assignment is DUE TUESDAY 10/1! It can be found here: Ways Matter Can Change Worksheet (it is 2/page)

Tomorrow we will continue practicing with properties & changes of matter. Wednesday we will do a HUGE review for our CFA #1 (Common Formative Assessment) on 8.P.1 (all about matter).

Our CFA#1 will be on Thursday 10/3! Study, study study!

Have a wonderful evening!

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Fact Friday: Quiz 1.5 and Flashcard Friday List # 5

Happy Friday!

Another week has come and gone. Here’s what we did to finish off the week!

Our class prezi can be found here: http://prezi.com/uioosmp7g7iw/fact-friday-quiz-15-physical-properties-physical-chang/

We started class by playing a sailing review game (pictured below).

Sailing Board Results

Next, students took Quiz 1.5 (found here: Quiz 1.5 – Physical Properties & Changes).

Afterwards, we graded the quiz, completed our data tracker in the back of our notebooks (listed as Quiz 1.5 / 8.P.1.3 – Phys. Prop & Changes). The final activity of the day was beginning our “Flashcard Friday” vocabulary cards.  That list can be found here: Flashcard Friday List #5.  These flashcards are DUE ON MONDAY SEPTEMBER 30! 

Here’s a little science joke I found that relates to what we’re covering!

photo 2 (5)

Have a great weekend!

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Think-About-It-Thursday: Physical Properties and Physical Changes Lab

Hello everyone! Happy “Friday-Eve”!

Today we engaged in a stations-based lab about physical properties and physical changes. As a whole, each class did a great job! They were engaged in the station, completing their lab foldable/booklet, and the moment the timer went off they were smoothly transitioning to the next station. Hats off to them!

Here’s an overview of our day (don’t forget, the link to our class prezi can be found here: prezi.com/yly3xhxroqrc/think-about-it-thursday/ ):

Station 1: It’s Just Paper (physical change activity)

Station 2: Can Crush (physical properties & inferences about possible physical changes activity)

Station 3: Sink of Float (physical properties activity)

Station 4: Mystery objects (physical properties & inferences about possible physical changes activity)

Station 5: Can You Bend Water? (video station: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhWQ-r1LYXY)

Station 6: m&m’s Magic! (physical properties and physical changes activity)

Below is the Interactive Notebook Spread for pages 16 and 17:

Interactive Notebook Spread 16-17


Physical Properties & Changes Pre-Lab Questions can be found here: Physical Properties & Changes Pre-lab Questions

Physical Properties & Changes Lab Foldable & Synthesis Questions can be found here: Physical Properties and Changes Lab Foldable and Synthesis Questions

Here are some great shots from our lab today!

Physical Properties and Changes Lab Action

Are you having a difficult time trying to assemble the foldable? Here are some pictures to help!

How to Make Your Lab Foldable


All in all, another lab under our belts! DO NOT FORGET! TOMORROW WE WILL TAKE QUIZ 1.5 (about physical properties & changes)!

See you tomorrow!

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Writing Wednesday: Expository Composition

Hello hello hello and happy Wednesday to everyone!

We’ve made it through the middle of the week (which, yes, is always an accomplishment in itself)!

Here’s a rundown of what we did today:

Our class prezi can be found here: http://prezi.com/92d9u5m1b7pk/writing-wednesday/

1) Submitted Monday’s homework (see post from 9/23)

2) Warm up reviewing physical properties and physical changes.

3) Introduced expository composition expectations (prompt can be found here Physical Properties Writing Wednesday)

4) Wrote and handed in our Writing Wednesday pieces

5) Received Wednesday’s homeworkPreLab Questions (can be found here Physical Properties & Changes Pre-lab Questions)

The pre-lab questions are set up so students know the concepts they will be covering. It is essential they a) know physical properties and physical changes and b) can differentiate between the two before engaging in the lab on Thursday.

Here’s a sneak peak at our stations for the lab! I’m excited! I love doing labs with my classes!

Physical Properties & Changes Stations

See you all tomorrow!

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Text Tuesday: Physical Properties & Changes

Hello! I hope everyone had a terrific Tuesday!

Today in our class we deepened our understanding about physical properties and physical changes in matter by examining a Common Core text. By completing this text, students were able to synthesize information to further understand physical properties (such as color, texture, density, polarity, luster, solubility and state of matter) and physical changes (such as solid to liquid, liquid to gas, gas to liquid, and solid to gas).

Today’s reading can be found herePhysical properties and Changes CC Reading

Text Tuesday Piece Notice the assignment questions are towards the bottom of the second page.

Text Tuesday in Action!

Tomorrow we will be doing a writing assignment (expository piece) about this topic.

See you Wednesday!

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Magic Words Monday: Physical Properties & Changes

Hello and happy Monday everyone!

Here’s our anticipated schedule for this week (hooray for NO school-wide testing — that means I’ll see each of my classes every day!).

Monday: Magic Words Monday – Vocabulary foldable and vocabulary-based practice worksheet

Tuesday: Text Tuesday – Dissect a Common Core reading text and answer corresponding questions.

Wednesday: Writing Wednesday – Write an expository composition about physical properties & changes through a “write-around”.

Thursday: Think About It Thursday – Hands on lab where students will rotate to stations observing/demonstrating properties/changes

Friday: Fact Friday – Review, take quiz 1.5 on physical properties & changes, record scores in data tracker

Today we’ve hit the ground running with learning all about physical properties and physical changes.

Our class Prezi link can be found here: http://prezi.com/pup5mf5axfpz/magic-word-monday/

First, students constructed their foldables and glued them to page 15 on their notebooks. That foldable can be found here Physical Properties & Changes Foldable. (NOTE: the foldable is formatted for 2/page in order to fit the proper size of our notebooks.) We used the Prezi to gather definitions and examples for each of our vocabulary terms (teacher input).

Next, students were given a vocabulary-based practice worksheet to further reinforce their new knowledge! That worksheet can be found here: Physical Properties & Changes Worksheet Double (again, double 2/page to fit nicely into our notebooks). This was taped in to page 14 of our notebooks (student output!)

Finally, students answered our critical thinking question for the day on page 14 of their notebooks. The question is:

“How are properties different from changes?”

Here’s our spread for today:

Interactive Notebook Spread pgs 14-15


1) Analyze 5 objects from your home. Identify at least 2 physical properties for each (total of 10 physical properties).

2) Describe how a solid ice cube turns into a liquid, and then into water vapor.

This assignment is due WEDNESDAY 9/25!

The last thing I want to share (I know, these posts typically aren’t this long!) is about some things I witnessed last week. I realized that the ONE THING all these acts revolved around is integrity. The importance of integrity is something that often goes unnoticed, however always follows closely to a person’s character.


Let’s have a GREAT week!

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