Happy Friday / Long Weekend!

Hooray! We have arrived at a long weekend, and a well deserved one at that! My students rocked their first week of school and were engaged from day 1! I loved their level of enthusiasm! Yesterday, because of a time difference between 3rd, 4th, and 5th blocks, my 4th block students were allowed to take home their in-class worksheet about the Metric System and log on here to our class website to retrieve the answers if they needed. Well, let me tell you, their drive & motivation to complete the worksheet was unmatched. I even had 6 students who couldn’t get the on the computer at home last night come in this morning to get on our computers and get the answers. MAJOR SHOUTOUT to them for doing whatever it take to be SUCCESSFUL!

Today we were able to complete a fun sailing review game. We also assessed our knowledge on classroom expectations/procedures, the scientific method, and the Metric System by taking Quiz 1.1. Finally we set up our Interactive Notebooks.

If any students were absent today, please see the pictures below to get started on setting up yours (click on image to enlarge).

IN Setup P 1 IN Setup P 2

IN Setup P 3 IN Setup P 4

Don’t forget! Your “Flashcard Friday” notecards homework will be due on Tuesday – be ready to bind them & store them in your portfolio!

We will start our first unit – Chemistry and the Matter Around Us – beginning with the atomic structure when we return to class on Tuesday, September 3.

In the meantime, here’s a little joke about how scientists view their vacation 🙂



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