Thursday Rundown

Wow. What a busy day.

HUGE SHOUTOUT to all my students today:

1) my 1st & 5th block for doing so well with the scientific method foldable/stations activity!

2) my 3rd block for getting all their work done & had some “filler fun” with the BrainPop clip & quiz — despite shifts in the lunch schedule!

3) my 4th block for getting their assignments, getting as much done as possible, being AMAZINGLY well behaved during the fire drill, and committing to getting the answers for their assignments here on the website so they’re prepared for our quiz tomorrow. 🙂 Whoop whoop!

Here are the answers for the Metric System worksheet (click on each picture to make it larger):

photo 1 (5)        photo 2 (6)

If you missed a section on your scientific method foldable the posters are linked below as a .pdf.

Scientific Method Foldable Stations Posters

Unable to view some documents? Please email me and my students are welcome to come in during homeroom to get their needed answers.

Tomorrow we will do a quick Sailing game review (since we couldn’t get to it today), take & grade our first quiz (Quiz 1.1) and FINALLY set up our interactive notebooks! Hooray!

Let’s have a great Friday! See you tomorrow!

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