Writing Wednesday

We made it through our first Wednesday! Hooray!

While making copies during our 2nd block planning period I had a conversation with Ms. John, an 8th grade Language Arts teacher. She said something important that really struck me: This year, as a whole, our students have really strong characters and that speaks to their behaviors.

WOW. I totally agree. Enough said.

Today we had a few  modifications in planned activities, but nonetheless we were successful in each block.

We completed our first Writing Wednesday activity. First, students finished up their collaborative reading questions. Afterwards they began a collaborative writing piece in which they each contributed to a summary paragraph answering the question: How can understanding the scientific method improve our ability to problem solve? Next, we completed a “Cut & Grow” activity where students selected 1 sentence that could be improved, cut that sentence out of the paper, and then 1) taped the top part of the paragraph, 2) wrote in their new and improved sentence and 3) taped in the remaining part of the paragraph.

I saw a variety of responses and writing skills. As we continue to build upon this activity with writing techniques, I am certain our student’s writing skills will  begin to improve across the curriculum.

Tomorrow we will do a combination “Scientific Methods” foldable/stations activity, complete a worksheet on the metric system, and do a brief review for our first quiz on Friday.

Don’t forget! Keep bringing in your composition notebooks for our Interactive Notebook setup on Friday!

See you tomorrow 🙂

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