Text Tuesday


Day 2 was another great day all around. I have some seriously stellar students (yes, I am already making these positive assumptions about them).

I love their ability to engage in our content and collaborate so well with each other. Group work is great. There are the occasional off topic conversations but with a quick, discreet redirection BOOM they’re back on task.

Today we finished our scavenger hunt so we are now familiar with our science classroom. We also began Collaboration Reading in pairs or groups of 3 or 4. In this model, students read and dissected a text on the scientific method entitled “Reasoning in Science”. Every student had the chance to read multiple parts of the text, as well as record at least  1 answer on the group answer sheet for the Common Core based questions associated with the reading. We will finish up the remaining questions tomorrow.

Don’t forget:

  1. Submit your student forms to your homeroom teachers!
  2. We will be reviewing part of Thursday’s class for our QUIZ on FRIDAY! Format is 10 questions, multiple choice.
  3. Bring in your composition notebook any day this week. You may store it in your block’s notebook bin, and we will set them up on Friday after the quiz.


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