Monday – Day 1 is Done!

To all my amazing students who showed up in class today I have a message for you:

Y O U .   A R E .   I N C R E D I B L E ! 

I am so glad to have such a great group of students to start the year with and I am excited about the high standards we can surpass this year!

Today, we completed student information notecards and I learned a some very valuable information about learning styles, particularly how they like and dislike their science teachers to teach them [mental note taken].

We also made a hexagonal foldable to cover the 6 primary rules in class – while some of the memes attached to each rule were funny, I think we all understood the main purpose for each.

First, Fourth and Fifth blocks were able to start (but not yet finish) a “Getting to Know Our Science Classroom” scavenger hunt! Don’t worry, Third block will begin it tomorrow! I was SO impressed by the collaboration and well behaved engagement of each student – seriously! Well done.

See you tomorrow!



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